Yucatán’s history, related through stories of extraordinary people

Delve into the rich and surprising history of Yucatán, where every page reveals the remarkable stories of its past inhabitants and the events that shaped their lives.


Discovery and conquest; unforgettable heroes, heroines, and villains.


Yucatán’s hard-won independence, its tragedies, poverty, and wealth.

Naval Ship


Wars, rebellions, and naval battles, from deadly important to comically inept. The highs and lows


Learn of the places we can visit and experience today that are connected directly with history. Be surprised.

Verbatim Comments by Readers

The Yucatán Times, January 2014 through June 2016

About the Author

Robert D. Temple, Ph.D., is a non-fiction writer, author of multiple publications, mostly on historical subjects.

Bob has been a part-time resident of Mérida, Yucatán for more than two decades and at various other times lives in Ohio and Virginia.  In addition to his personal fascination with the long and complex history of Yucatán, Bob has a real interest in sharing these stories with Yucatán’s visitors and expat residents, as well as with everyone interested in the area.  Many people enjoy Yucatán for the weather, culture, and food, but appreciating the history can add new dimensions to experiences.  He invites readers to “Be surprised.”

Rich Historical Tapestry

Dive into the vibrant history of Yucatán, where each chapter unveils a new layer of intrigue and discovery. From ancient civilizations to modern-day wonders, ‘After the Meteor’ paints a vivid portrait of a region shaped by triumph, tragedy, and the resilience of its people.

Captivating Characters

Meet the heroes, heroines, and villains who left their mark on Yucatán’s history. ‘After the Meteor’ brings to life the unforgettable individuals who shaped the region’s destiny, from fearless adventurers to determined revolutionaries. Their stories will inspire, captivate, and leave you craving more.

Timeless Insights

Delve into the deeper meanings behind Yucatán’s history with ‘After the Meteor.’ Through its compelling narratives and thought-provoking analysis, this book offers valuable insights into the human experience, cultural identity, and the enduring legacies that continue to shape our world today.

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Selected Chapters

✓ The Rich Island of Yucatán

✓ The Shipwrecked Sailor who Fathered a Race

✓ Columbus Meets the Maya

✓ Las Casas in Campeche

✓ The Heroine of Valladolid

✓ Diego’s Bonfire

✓ The Sacred Horse

✓ The Pirate in the Cathedral

✓ The Baker Who Would Be King

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